All natural dog food toppers and functional treats for your fur baby. Made in the USA since 2010.

Flavored Omega 3 sprays are made with 100% human grade, premium grade, all natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives or artificial ingredients. Flavored sprays are made with high OMEGA-3 content, edible oils and delicious flavorings that dogs love. Ideal for picky eaters or dogs on restricted diets of bland tasting foods. Supports healthy skin and coat. (Adds 200 mg Omega-3 daily) Delivers all the benefits that nature provides. (Not available in stores)

Nutrition, Flavor and Aroma Enhancement

Dog's love the taste and aroma!

Great for picky eaters!

Made in the USA

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Wholesome, Holistic and Healthy

A blend of 5 high Omega 3 edible oils

flavored Omega-3 sprays are also available online here


Hannah loves her "spray-spray"

Thank you for making this product..Hannah is a very picky eater..Since using your spray she will eat every bite of her food..She LOVES your product..I even spray on her bones..when I say "Spray spray" the ears go up, head tilts & she is like a kid in a candy shop lol! Once again, thank you..You are stuck w/ us as repeat customers lol!

Kerry Darling Stanley

Kerry's comments on fb

Happy Dog Mom

"It has been one week now and miss karlie has eaten every single meal. In fact she now sits in kitchen waiting for me to prepare her food, whereas before i had to chase her down."

Carolyn Havener on FB

Karlie's Mom on fb

Gracie Jo has devoured her food

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this wonderful bacon flavored spray! After years of trying EVERYTHING for my picky standard poodle, including cooking ground beef, chicken thighs, and many other things to get her to eat her kibble (and failing miserably!), I saw your products on my Facebook page and decided to try the bacon one. I use a high quality dry kibble and wet food, and sprayed the bacon on both dry kibble and as a topper. For the second day in a row, Gracie Jo has devoured her food. Woo hoo! I just ordered three more bottles. I am doing a happy dance all around the house!Thank you again for your quality, made in America product! And the added bonus is the Omega 3 in it as she also has itchy skin.

Wendy Michaud

Wendy Michaud's FB feedback

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