Benefits of Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive oil is something that provides excellent health and vitality benefits to your dog and should be added to your dog's diet. Most dry dog food contains a small amount of moisture but that small amount of moisture will quickly evaporate once you open the bag. The obvious result is an even drier kibble that ends up losing its tastiness over time. Adding some Virgin Olive oil to the kibble along with a small amount of turmeric will add some flavor and tastiness back to meal time.

Virgin Olive oil is a great source of disease fighting anti-oxidants along with skin and hair conditioners vitamin E and vitamin K. Virgin Olive oil actually helps to break down the unwanted fat that builds up in fat cells which can help overweight dogs that are placed on special diets of bland tasting dog food. Virgin Olive oil also contains the health kind of fat designated as (monounsaturated) fats. Monounsaturated fats have been shown to thwart and reduce heart disease. The oleic acid content of Virgin Olive oil has been shown in various scientific studies to have a positive impact on preventing cancer.

The anti-oxidants found in Virgin Olive oil also help to keep your dog looking young, vibrant and healthy. The elimination of free radicals in the bloodstream helps to prevent premature ageing. The effect of anti-oxidants found in Virgin Olive oil are beneficial to all ages of dogs which means that even later in life, when cognitive skills tend to decline, the effect of anti-oxidants will help your dog to maintain mental sharpness.

Virgin Olive oil helps to improve the sheen of your dogs coat from the inside out. Your pet's hair will show a definite improvement with continued use of Virgin Olive oil in his/her daily diet. You will begin to see the changes after 3-4 weeks of daily use.

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