Flavored Omega 3 Dog Food Toppers

Flavored Omega-3 Dog Food Topper

Flavored Omega-3 Dog Food Toppers contain a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. The all natural plant seed oils on the ingredient  include (high Omega 3 content) Chia and Flax seed oils, Virgin Olive oil, Soybean oil and Canola oil. Flavored Omega-3 fatty acids have many important benefits for dogs. These benefits include:

  • Helping dogs with arthritis by reducing inflammation
  • Boosting the immune system of dogs
  • Enhancing and supporting the health of your dog's skin and coat
  • Assisting dogs by decreasing anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity

Promoting the Development of the Brain of Puppies:

The Puppies fed food comprising high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids abundant in DHA performed better in various tasks than puppies with a  poor Omega-3 diet. Thus, Omega-3 fatty acids help in the development of the brain of puppies supporting vital brain functions, including the visual discrimination of things, memory, body balance, and coordination tasks.

Helping Dogs With Arthritis by Reducing Inflammation:

A study has shown that Omega-3 fatty acids have EPA and DHA as the basic components in its composition. These fats are crucial for treating canine arthritis. Veterinarians recommend an Omega-3 diet for such dogs, and a regular diet including Omega-3 fatty acids supplements resulting in relief from joint discomfort and pain.

Benefitting the Immune System of Dogs:

Supplementation of Omega-3 fatty acids (rich in EPA and DHA) to a canine’s diet ultimately affects your dogs' immune system. Effects include a range of reducing the harmful effects of allergies provoked by an over-reactive immune system response.

Flavored Omega-3 Dog Food Toppers impart a great taste without adding any protein or salt. Excessive salt intake is injurious to health as it may aggravate the heart disease and increase blood pressure. Similarly excessive protein or salt may lead to kidney damage. Various veterinary nutritionist use protein-free diets as a means of  managing these health concerns.

Boosting the Heart Health of Dogs:

Dogs involving different sexes, ages, breeds, sizes, and weights, have shown substantial positive effects of Omega-3 on puppies suffering from several heart ailments. These positive effects include:

  • enhanced heart function
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing inflammation

The dogs with omega-3 fatty acids in their diet have shown considerably long age and a reduction in heart related problems as compared to dogs on a diet that is low in Omega 3 content.

Added benefits from Flavored Omega 3 Dog Food Toppers:

Flavored Omega-3 Dog Food Toppers include a blend of Chia and Flax seed oil, Virgin olive oil, Soybean oil and Canola seed oil. This unique blend of human grade edible oils will impart health benefits to any dry or wet dog food you may be using. The spray-on application also helps to control the amount added to each meal while adding a delicious flavor and aroma to your pet's meal. Flavor options include: bacon, chicken, cheese, beef and peanut butter.

Chia seed oil benefits:

Chia contains 3 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil. Omega-3 is vital to maintain your dog's general health profile and should be added to their meals every day:

  • Immune system
  • Skin and coat
  • Joints
  • Brain development and maintenance
  • Eye development and maintenance
  • Growth

Flax seed and Extra virgin olive oil are also wonderful sources of monounsaturated fats, Omega-6, and Omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These fats and antioxidants promote a healthy heart and healthy cardiovascular activities, they also help dogs maintain a healthy weight. The anti-oxidants in Virgin olive oil also help to protect against free radicals associated with cancer.

In a Nutshell:

Flavored Omega-3 dog food toppers are a non-fish kill, plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids. The contirbution made by Omega 3 helps to meet all the daily nutritional needs of your dog. Veterinary nutrionists have formulated this vegan product with your dog’s health in mind. Flavored Omega 3 Dog food toppers are recommended by veterinarians for a variety of reason laid out in this article.