Omega 3 and Arthritis in Senior Dogs

Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation caused by arthritis

Inflammation is a common problem for senior dogs with arthritis. Arthritis is the root cause of joint swelling and pain. The word “arthritis” comes from two Greek words: “arthro,” meaning “joint,” and “itis,” meaning “inflammation.”  Omega 3 can help reduce the effects of inflammation. Omega 3 is known as an essential fatty acid (EFA) and it has demonstrated the ability to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. The health effects of Omega 3 have been studied at length. Senior dogs experience age related problems associated with arthritis and should benefit from the addition of Omega 3 to their diet. Omega 3 has the ability to counteract the effects of inflammation and reduce pain associated with arthritis. Supplementing your dog's daily diet with Omega 3 will help to offset or greatly reduce arthritis related inflammation.  If your pet has been prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) your veterinarian may be able to reduce the dosage if he or she knows that your dog is receiving a daily Omega 3 supplement.